SYNC STUDIO is a creative collective production house with an international background, Based in Seoul. We are a team of strategists, content creators, and media-savvy individuals focusing on partnerships with brands to discover and share original stories. 

Our vision is to establish an integrative agency platform where unique individualities and ideas are appreciated in Harmony. Our mission is to share resources for a greater purpose by facilitating talent, space, equipment, and ingredients required to create without interference. 

We aim to realize this purpose fully in the uncompromising pursuit of consistency, convenience, and collaboration. Creative agency that specializes in all stages of production from research & strategy to ideation and creation. Add-on service includes casting, promotion distribution, and media PR.

We provide professional production services for ads, products, digital content, film, editorial, e-commerce, and EVENTS. Through synergistic collaboration with clients who are in the fashion, music, lifestyle, and art industries. Our work spans online-offline, and mobile platforms to deliver the optimal outcome.